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Solutions4Living Inc. launched last month, September 2016. S4L’s goal is to equip and mobilize the Christian community – individuals – to impact the lives of people with the message of the Gospel and to help people overcome life-controlling problems, begin a life of discipleship and connect them to a local Bible believing church. S4L is ready to expand their outreach beyond the borders of their home county (Scott County) into neighboring counties or wherever the doors may open and a team of volunteers can be assembled. Check out the website.

I’m Back! The latest news.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts in the past and have wondered why I haven’t been posting here’s my story. First, I’m not a techie, maybe more than many my age but not that adapt in my opinion. And I just couldn’t remember how to log in to my blog. I came across my log in info today and it worked. So here I am.

Secondly, I’ve been working hard starting up a new nonprofit. New in the sense that we’ve incorporated just this month. Not new in the sense that we’ve been operating since 2008 under the covering of another nonprofit.

Our new organization is Solutions4Living, Inc. If I’ve done this right the logo should appear in this post. That is all I have to say today. I plan to update the blog more often now that I’ve found how to log in. Until the next time.