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2019 – What a Difference a Year Makes

We are well into 2019. The first day of spring is now behind us. It has been over a year since posting to my blog. The last year was spent battling the cancers – yes, that is plural – that invaded my wife and thus our world.

God is faithful – isn’t He always? – and our lives have returned to a more normal time. She still is taking medicine and will for the duration of 5 years since she began taking them and continues regular checkups with her oncologist, radiologist, and gynecologist along with her normal visits to her regular doctor.

We are currently planning a trip to Germany to visit our youngest son and his family. We have three grandchildren there we don’t see often and one of them we have never seen in person. We’ve only been able to visit over WhatsApp or Facetime or Skype. That is betting than not seeing them at all but will never replace real hugs in person. This is the trip we were going to take last year before the C invasion. Now it is happening.

We thank all of our friends and family both offline and online who have prayed for my wife and myself over this past year. We are out of the valley! I often say it takes two mountaintops to make a valley. We are moving on to our next mountaintop experience!

What Does Lawn Care Have To Do With Our Lives?

I admit it. I’m a lawn care nut. I am particular about taking care of my lawn. Over 34 years of marriage I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve permitted someone else to mow my lawn.

This morning I was watering the front the lawn and pulling up stray weeds here and there by the roots. As I stood there admiring my lawn I couldn’t help but notice other lawns in the neighborhood. Many of them have more crabgrass and assorted weeds than grass. What’s the difference? Lawn care. Proper lawn care that is.

Lawn care is much like caring for our own lives. I start the lawn season in the spring by applying a pre-emergent crabgrass killer. While there isn’t any crabgrass visable and it looks like it isn’t really needed this is a critical step in effective lawn care. Throughout the remainder of the season comes additional treatment of lawn food, pesticides and the like.

So it is with our lives. In other words we need to take of things in our lives BEFORE there is evidence of a problem. If we apply the right self-treatment the weeds that may grow in our hearts and lives can be avoided all together. But this means living a life of intentional action rather than just living out our lives going from one day to the next.

What are the “treatments” we need to apply to our lives to avoid many of the weeds that could choke us?

II Peter 1:1-11 offers some good directions. To our faith we should add virtue, to our virtue – knowledge, to our knowledge self-control, to our self-control perseverance, to our perseverance godliness, to our godliness brotherly kindness, to our brotherly kindness love. This passage tells us if we do these things we won’t be unbarren or unfruitful. In other words we won’t have the weeds of live overtake us and prevent us from have a fruitful life.