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Our Past – An Anchor or a Stepping Stone?

Our Past – An Anchor or a Stepping Stone?

At the time of this writing there is a popular TV series called “Who Do You Think You Are?” Each week the show takes its viewers on a journey through the past ancestry of a celebrity guest. The celebrity starts with what they know about their family history and working with librarians and other genealogical experts they follow one or more legs of their family tree which takes them to places around the world. I enjoy the show and it makes me want to dig dipper into my ancestry.

But here’s the rub. In business, in faith, in life  our past can be an anchor or a stepping-stone. Certainly a thought provoking statement. One doesn’t need to look very hard to find a host of businesses that used to dot the American landscape that no longer exist. They based their future on the systems and strategies of their past success. As a result – they are gone and mostly forgotten. There is a good chance if you are under 50 years old you may not remember retail giants F. W. Woolworth and W.T. Grant. There were the automakers Studebaker, Hudson, Pierce-Arrow or Packard. All gone.

What about your business, your life; is the past a schoolmaster where you continue to learn and make necessary changes to further your growth and development enabling you to  reach new heights? Or do you languish in the past stewing over its failures and regrets or continuing to bask is the successes of yesteryear?

Our past can be an anchor that holds us down and keeps us back that prevents us from fulfilling God’s call on our life. Our past may also be a stepping stone to a brighter future if we embrace life’s lessons, forgive ourselves and others and take another step forward toward the prize of the high calling we have in Christ.

Here is what I know. We cannot drive forward on the highway of life if we spend the lion’s share of our time looking in the rearview mirror.  Whether the past is littered with failure or given us great success is of little consequence if that part of our life captures our focus. Constantly looking in the rearview mirror is a certain formula for causing a wreck. Occasionally glancing in the rear view mirror is a good thing, making it our main focus is not.

Is your past an anchor or a stepping stone? I hope it is the latter. Here’s the good news. If your past has been an anchor it can become a stepping-stone any time you choose. It’s up to you.

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Dear Friends:

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Business, Life and the Bible

I believe the Bible is the most unique book in all of recorded history. In fact, it is not a book at all but rather a collection of letters, scrolls, or fragments thereof. I believe it is God’s written revelation to mankind of Himself. Protected by God through the centuries since the words were first written down. And that it provides all the people of the world regardless of race, culture, geographic location with specific instruction(s) about every area of life. Such as our relationship with God or lack of such a relationship; our relationship with people whether that is family, co-workers, neighbors, customers, employees, or bosses. The Bible gives us hope and help and wise is the person who becomes a dedicated student of the Bible.

Once the words of the Bible penetrate the heart and the reader comes into relationship with the God of the Bible by following the Bibles instruction on how to enter into this relationship the Bible takes on greater significance. It becomes life’s instruction book, the greatest “how-to” manual every compiled. The words of the Bible are powerful, they can be trusted, and they can be used every day to live your life and to guide business owners in operating their businesses.

3 John:2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as they soul prospereth.” Friends if there ever was a time that we need our souls to prosper, our health to prosper, our businesses to prosper it is now.

So my challenge to you is to make a decision to dig in to God’s word, the Bible. You say it is too complicated, too hard to understand or it is outdated. Think again. Why not try a new approach utilizing a prayer in the Bible before you undertake reading and studying the Bible. Here it is: “Deal bountifully with thy servant that I may live and keep they word. Open now mine eyes that I may behold wonderous things out of thy law.” (Psalm 119:17) And so it is that you can behold wonderous things, extraordinary things when you diligently read and study the Bible. Pray this prayer before each time you begin and see what happens.