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We live in a transient and technological culture unlike any other time in history. Most of you reading this probably don’t remember the times when people were born, grew up, got a job and remained in the same town or community throughout their lives.

It is not my intent to minimize the word-of-mouth process of people connecting with your organization, church or business. However due to the nature of a transient and tech savvy society more and more people search the Internet and review your organization, church or business from a virtual distance prior to making a choice to connect with or visit your establishment. What this could mean is a “first-impression” problem.

To begin with you must have a professional website that conveys the image of your organization or business. Ask some people you know who will tell you the truth to look at your website and ask them if it adequately conveys who and what you are.  Don’t have a web site you say? By today’s standards then you don’ have a real business and you are already behind the eight ball.

But it isn’t enough to have a site that conveys the proper image. You must also consider the domain name of the site. This could be your organization, church, or business name or it could be something that reflects the primary aspect, product, or service you provide. If the domain you have does not reflect the business or service you provide you will not have a good first-impression.

Let’s assume you have a great domain name. It is easy to remember, reflects who and what you are and everybody is happy. That leads us to another first impression problem – that of the email addresses used by you as the owner or leader of the company or organization and the people at your business.

Somebody visits your website and they have been impressed and click on the Contact Us link and want to email you for additional information. Or they call and ask for the email address. What is their impression when you provide them yourname,,, or worse, or

Any favorable impression they had is eradicated in a few seconds. You just destroyed your first impression. You may never know how many people didn’t take your business church or organization seriously because of your email address. If you don’t take it seriously why should they?

A good domain name coupled with a great website can all be undone if you fail to implement the a professional email address.

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Dear Friends

If you don’t have a company website, don’t have the knowledge  or don’t feel you can afford a custom site I can help.

Contact me for help with all of this and more whether yours is a faith-based organization, a church, or a small business. Give me a call and let’s talk. Perhaps I can  connect you with very affordable resources so you can have  a favorable first-impression.


Dennis McDonald

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“Old School” Thinking Doesn’t Cut It In Today’s Marketplace

“Old School” Thinking Doesn’t Cut It In Today’s Marketplace

The tried and true methodologies of yesteryear and yes, even yesterday in some cases simply aren’t making the cut any longer. We must face the fact the business world is changing and evolving at a continually accelerating pace. What may have gotten your business, church, or organization to the place it is now is insufficient to keep it there. Thus there is an elephant in the room that must be dealt with less your business or entity becomes another statistic.

This old school thinking doesn’t apply to the ‘for profit’ business alone. It applies to churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations all the way down to us as the individuals who make up these entities.

While I concur with the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes where in Chapter 1:9b it states, “…and there is no new thing under the sun” there are, never the less, methodologies utilized in every area of life that have changed and continue to change with each passing day.

Consider the U.S. postal service and the challenges it is facing. I can say with certainty the amount our household spends on postage is almost nil. The methodology of communicating has migrated to email and is migrating from email to social networking, instant messaging and texting. Sending a check in the mail to pay a bill is rapidly moving to online bill pay procedures. People still communicate and still pay their bills so there is nothing new under the sun about that, but HOW they do these things…that methodology has and is changing.

So what about you? Is your business or entity stuck in “old school” thinking and ways of conducting business? Is it working as well as it used to? If not, are you open-minded enough to consider other options? To be close-minded and not seek out and implement emerging methodologies or get expert help in doing so is to take one step closer to becoming another statistic.