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SERENITY NOW! Are you kidding?

Blog readers:  I read this in a recent post from Todd Rhoades, and it is worth repeating. Thanks Todd.

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I’m sure you remember the old Seinfeld episodes…

Well… it’s hard to find ‘serenity now’.

Cell phones.  Facebook. Twitter.  Email.  Meetings.  Conflicts. You name it.  There are a lot of ‘serenity stealers’ out there.

Believe it or not, there are people who study serenity and solitude and things like that.  And here’s what they’ve learned:  when it comes to solitude, there is a bit of a paradox.  You see… many people don’t feel happy when they are alone, but having periods of getting away from the crowd makes one’s mood better from day to day.


Well, when we’re alone (when we reach a point of serenity), it’s when we hone our thinking, and form our opinions.  It’s when our personality is shaped.  (This is true especially during the teenage years).

How do you unplug?  get away?  be alone?  Does it come naturally for you, or do you have to be intentional about it?

Do you LIKE to be alone?  Why or why not?


Dear Friends,

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