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Value Driven or Profit Driven? That Is The Question.

Value Driven or Profit Driven? That Is The Question.

People are talking a lot about the economy and its impact on business, on family, on nonprofit organizations. At the risk of coming across as overly simplistic let me ask this: Are questions about the economy as it pertains to our lives, businesses and organizations the right questions to be asking? Let me explain.

For many of us when things get tough financially and we wonder where have all the customers gone, or what happened to our donors, or our membership we tend to respond by scaling back in every possible area. I’m not saying that’s wrong. We do need to be good stewards and wise use of the resources we have is certainly important. Whether times are good or not so good being a wise and faithful steward should always be a “standard operating procedure” for home, business, and organization.

What I’m talking about is a question or questions that pulls the covers back on why we do what we do. Perhaps better questions would be those that go deeper. Questions that go past the products or services we provide, past the P & L statement or balance sheet. Questions that go past the attendance numbers and any concerns of trying to “maintain” what we have. Questions that cut to the chase and get us to the “why” will better serve us all the time but especially in those times we find most trying. When there is more month at the end of the money, when the reports and the numbers are heading in the opposite direction of where we want them to go – STOP. Stop for just for a moment and examine the motives for what you’ve been doing.

If your focus is on cutting expenses, elevating sales, trying to maintain what you’ve worked hard to achieve, keep from losing customers, members, donors, and the like you do need to do all those things. However, before you expend more time and effort on those areas first take time to examine your true motives. In other words are the actions and plans that you’ve been implementing value focused or profit focused? Do you have a bottom line mentality or a people mentality?

It’s pretty easy to shift from acting in ways to provide the greatest benefit or value to our clients, customers, constituents, congregations and communities to ways that provide the greatest benefit to our businesses, organizations, or us. The change comes subtly and with good intent. But when fully engaged and without even knowing it we disengage from those we are serving. When that happens our downfall is looming around the corner.  Those we serve will quickly discern when this shift has occurred. And their loyalty to our business or organization does have limits.

See Colossians 3:17; 23-25


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